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Why buy wholesale diamonds?

As is the case with other goods, you can buy at a far cheaper rate when you buy wholesale diamonds in Greenwood Village. From a commercial standpoint, you have a greater variety of diamonds to choose from when you buy wholesale. In fact, many people buy diamonds solely based on the diamonds’ GIA/IGI certifications. However, you have to check each diamond for its authenticity to ensure you aren’t cheated.

Why Buy Wholesale Diamonds?
Can’t find a reliable source for buying wholesale diamonds in Greenwood Village?

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Can’t Find A Reliable Source For Buying Wholesale Diamonds In Greenwood Village?
What To Look Out For In Diamonds?

What to look out for in diamonds?

Diamonds are a unique commodity- no two diamonds are the same. This is why you have to check each diamond individually before purchasing them. Minutely examine each diamond and check for its laser inscription- a code on the diamond’s girdle indicates the diamond is authentic along with its 4C characteristics.

In addition to that, you need to check each diamond’s IGI/GIA certificates to ensure they are genuine. Also, ask for each diamond’s certificate that proves it has not been mined unethically or illegally. This is a mandatory certification to discourage the use of unethically-mined ‘blood diamonds’ originating from Africa.

Why buy diamonds from Denver Diamond Source?

The team at Denver Diamond Source, under the able guidance of Mr. Bruce Chase, knows exactly what works and doesn’t work when it comes to selling wholesale diamonds. They do not force you to buy something, rather help you buy the right diamonds based on your budget and requirements. 

At Denver Diamond Source, care is taken to ensure each diamond comes from reliable and legal sources and that each diamond is authentic with all related documentation proving the same. Whether you want diamonds for investment or for making jewelry, we assure you will find the right diamond here at Denver Diamond Source.

Why Buy Diamonds From Denver Diamond Source?
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