Wholesale diamonds Englewood

Transacting in wholesale diamonds in Englewood is now convenient and easy with the help of Denver Diamond Source. Our expert team of gemologists knows the market situation and will help you receive or pay the right price for your precious diamonds.

Where to get wholesale diamonds?

You can get buy diamonds in bulk from established jewelers and wholesalers. These people buy and sell diamonds based on the market conditions and requirements.
You can approach Denver Diamond Source for the best wholesale diamonds. Its team, led by lead gemologist Mr. Bruce Chase, will help you choose the right diamonds that match your requirements.
Get yourself diamonds in bulk whenever needed
You can be assured of a fair, market related price here with Denver Diamond Source.

How to buy the right diamonds?

You have to ensure each diamond has its own GIA/IGI certification. Examine each diamond closely and check if it has a serial number etched on it. This indicates that the diamond is genuine and has been checked for its cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Under a magnifying glass, closely examine the diamond to check for any external damages or chippings. If this is present, it could affect the price of the diamond. Lastly, do check the certifications of the wholesaler or jeweler. They should be certified gemologists who know all about diamonds and how much each diamond is worth in the local market at any point in time.

What to avoid when dealing with wholesale diamonds

Show your naivety– You may be selling or buying wholesale diamonds perhaps for the only time in life, but you should not show this to the diamond wholesaler or jeweler. There is a great chance he will try to cheat you in many ways if you do not do your research before approaching him
Buy the wrong diamond– Generally, the round cut is the most preferred diamond cut with almost three-fourths of the market share. Do not buy too many fancy cut diamonds. Again, you need to ensure you do your homework well before buying/selling your diamonds.
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