Wholesale Diamonds

Do you need to buy or sell wholesale diamonds in Aurora? Here at Denver Diamond Source, we help you choose the right ones based on your requirements. 


Why buy wholesale diamonds?

Loose Wholesale diamonds come way cheaper than those that are set in jewelry. These diamonds are ideal if you want to buy these as an investment or use them in making diamond jewelry. With wholesale diamonds, you have the opportunity to choose each diamond based on its IGI/GIA certifications and its Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat weight. If you are getting diamond jewelry custom-made, you can also buy fancy cut diamonds like Asscher cut, princess cut, cushion cut, oval cut, pear cut, princess cut, etc. 

Why Buy Wholesale Diamonds?
Choose ethical wholesale diamonds

At Denver Diamond Source, we help you with the right price 

Choose Ethical Wholesale Diamonds
What To See When Buying Wholesale Diamonds?

What to see when buying wholesale diamonds?

Each genuine diamond will always have an IGI/GIA certification describing its quality and other features. If you come across a diamond that doesn’t have such certification, it is probably fake or is being sold on the black market. Another aspect you have to see is the laser inscription of the diamond that proves the diamond is genuine and certified. This laser inscription is done on the girdle of the diamond. Once you are sure the diamonds are from genuine sources, you can then proceed to check the diamond under the microscope to see if there are any scratches or imperfections in its cut. This is something that may not be visible just by observing it. 

Why buy wholesale diamonds from Denver Diamond Source?

Denver Diamond source has been at the forefront of offering wholesale diamonds in Aurora for quite some time now. With us, you can rest assured of your diamonds being valued according to the latest market rates. Each diamond we offer comes from sources we trust; we do not believe in buying and selling diamonds illegally and unethically. 

Why Buy Wholesale Diamonds From Denver Diamond Source?
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