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Are you looking to buy or sell wholesale diamonds in Lakewood? Here at Denver Diamond Company, our wide collection is all that you would need.


How to check if the diamond you are buying/selling is genuine or not?

Check its certification– The diamond’s worth is partly determined by the grading report issued by the IGI/GIA. In fact, most of the diamonds sold in the market today are based on the findings of its grading report. Without this, you cannot independently verify the genuineness of the 4C’s of the diamond.

Check its laser inscription– To ensure transparency, each diamond has a uniquely inscribed code on its girdle. This code is engraved by the lab where it is certified to be bought and sold legitimately. Do check and verify to ensure you aren’t being swindled.

Inspect the diamond under a microscope-When buying or selling diamonds, you should check it under a jeweler’s microscope or a loupe to ensure there aren’t any inclusions or issues with the diamond’s internal structure. Closely examine the diamond’s girdle and exterior to ensure there isn’t any chipping or tampering with it.

Get the best rates for wholesale diamonds in Lakewood
Are you looking to buy or sell wholesale diamonds? We’ll guide towards a fair solution.

Why buy loose diamonds?

Loose diamonds are a big investment that can be bought and sold quickly. These diamonds are more reasonably priced than preset diamonds. As these diamonds are unset, it can be easier to look at their features like their cut, color, clarity and carat weight. If you are planning to get customized jewelry made, loose diamonds are what you are looking for. It is best to buy loose diamonds from a registered jeweler or trader rather than buying them from dubious sources.

Mistakes to avoid while buying/ selling diamonds

Paying/expecting too much– Diamonds take time to appreciate in value. Do not expect to make quick profits with them. Do check for certification grading reports and physically examine the diamond to determine its value. It is always a great idea to compare prices before you close the transaction.

Buying the wrong type of diamond– About 3/4th of the market for diamonds are of the round brilliant cut. It is much easier to sell round diamonds than to sell princess cut, marquise, or other cuts. Some buyers/sellers may make unrealistic claims about the diamonds in a bid to induce you to close the transaction-Do not fall for their sweet talk.

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