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How to buy a wedding band?

Though the engagement ring gets all the attention when you have committed to your partner, choosing the right wedding band is also equally important. These are the similar rings that both of you wear to symbolize your commitment to each other. 

For an awesome look, many women choose to buy wedding bands that complement their engagement rings, so that they can wear both together. Yet others even buy their wedding bands along with their engagement rings, to save on time and money. Whatever you choose, ensure your wedding band does not contrast or look odd with your engagement ring.

How To Buy A Wedding Band?
Let your wedding band be the ultimate symbol of your love

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Let Your Wedding Band Be The Ultimate Symbol Of Your Love
Wedding Band Customization Choices

Wedding band customization choices

If you are looking to buy wedding bands in Aurora, here are some of the customization options you have-

Metal-Based on your budget, you can choose from yellow gold, platinum, rose gold, or palladium wedding bands. It is highly recommended to choose the same metal as you have used for your engagement ring.

Stones- For an amazing look, many couples add some precious stones or diamonds to make them unique. Many opt for pave styles while others choose a mix of diamonds and precious stones for a one-of-the-kind look.

Width- Usually, wedding bands’ width ranges between 1mm to up to 8mm. If you want to pair your wedding band with your engagement ring, the width can be between 2-4mm.

When should you buy your wedding band?

You have two options for this- either buy your wedding band along with your engagement ring or buy it a few months before your wedding. It makes sense to buy both from the same jeweler if you want both to complement each other.

Remember, your wedding band and engagement ring signify your love and commitment to your partner. As you will wear them every day, do not go overboard with the design and always stick to your budget.

When Should You Buy Your Wedding Band?
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