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Unique Engagement Rings For Men and Women

Women, on average, have a greater interest in jewelry and fashion than men; their jewelry boxes are brimming with various accessories ranging from rings and bracelets to statement necklaces and dangly earrings, and these are not only intended for special events but daily use as well.

While some men have mastered the art of accessorizing with manly silver or gold chains, discreet or dazzling ear studs, and even rings, the world of jewelry certainly caters to women rather than men.

When browsing around shops dealing in engagement rings and wedding bands, you can quickly see that the focus is obviously on brides-to-be, and men’s engagement rings are difficult to come by. 

Traditionally, men are not expected to wear engagement rings, though there are variations in certain countries. Both men and women in some South American and Scandinavian countries wear a plain engagement band on their left ring finger. Couples nowadays, on the other hand, prefer to make their own laws. 

Women rarely suggested marriage in heterosexual relationships less than two decades ago; it was considered a man’s obligation, and same-sex partnerships were illegal.

It is no longer unusual for a woman to propose marriage, but it is still not entirely recognized as the practice.

Younger couples strive to deviate from conventional weddings and marriages, making their special milestone moments uniquely their own, and with jewelry design and fashion evolving at a rapid pace, an increasing number of jewelry designers are selling exclusive engagement rings for men.

So let’s dive into unique engagement rings for both men and women:

First, establish your budget:

Having a budget in mind helps to keep one’s options within a reasonable price range. There is no harm in maintaining a margin of 5% to 15% of the total price such that even though the budget is exceeded, it is still achievable. Denver Diamond Source is the best place to buy engagement rings for men and women.

It should have a surprise factor in it:

Both women and men like surprises and the average person appreciates jewelry that is custom-made for them. Look for a ring style for men that is one-of-a-kind, fascinating, entertaining, modern, conventional, and distinct.

Engagement rings for women should be minimal and elegant, so she might wear them forever.

Choose the right metal:

Silver, gold-plated, rose-gold plated, yellow gold, and platinum are common metals for engagement rings. And there are alloys, which can give complexity and depth to the engagement ring.

There is a wide variety of engagement rings patterns, so choose the correct metal that matches your diamond or gemstone’s color.

Personal Preference:

Engagement rings, like wedding rings, come in a multitude of styles, with some being better fit than others. If it is worn daily even after the wedding, it could be necessary to choose a ring of high quality. The choice of engagement ring is often influenced by the dressing pattern.

Think about your partner’s style and also take a sneak peek in her or his wardrobe for other jewelry to get an idea about your partner’s preferences.

Some of the common types of engagement rings are:

  • Simple Solitaire Rings 
  • Halo Rings 
  • Pave Rings 
  • Vintage Rings 
  • Modern Contemporary Rings 
  • Fashion Rings 
  • Double-Metal Rings 
  • Three-Stone Rings

It is difficult to find the ideal solitaire ring. It becomes more difficult as the customer needs to browse at several online shops to find the best one. It becomes especially difficult when the price is exorbitant! So why not go for affordable prices and your own design?

You can always go for the customized ring in Denver, from Denver Diamond Source.

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