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The Do’s and Don’ts of Shopping for Diamond Engagement Rings For Women

Investing in an engagement ring is highly anticipated. As you may have known each other for quite some time, it is time to take the relationship to the next level. 

You want everything to be perfect, the ring, the setting of the proposal, the surprise, etc. Everything else can be spontaneous and contained, but you will need to invest time and effort in choosing the right engagement ring for women.

In this article, we’ll explain certain engagement ring do’s and don’ts which you should know before you make the purchase.


Take your time

Don’t rush into your decision to buy an engagement ring. You need to know what she wants before you choose one. You wouldn’t appreciate it if she isn’t happy with her engagement ring, would you?

Understand her needs

Plan your engagement ring purchase based on her needs. You can be sneaky here. Ask her which kinds of jewelry she likes, what her opinions are of other women’s rings, and so on. The main idea is to get to know what she likes and plan your engagement ring purchase accordingly.

Consider ring size

Once you are sure what design type she likes, you need to get hold of her ring size. As asking her will spoil the surprise, you can ask one of her friends to get it for you or you could borrow one of her rings which will let you know her ring size.

Check the certifications of your diamond

As you will need to buy a diamond for the ring, you shouldn’t just buy one based on trust. Each natural/lab-grown diamond will have a GIA/IGI certificate which denotes the genuineness of the diamond and its features. This includes the clarity, color, carat weight, and cut of the diamond.


Spend everything

You can surely get carried away by the many adverts for beautiful engagement rings for women. In fact, according to a study by a leading website, almost one-third of American men looking for love spend between $1000 and $3000 for an engagement ring. Do consider the other expenses you have to look into while buying an engagement ring. You will need to spend on your wedding bands, the wedding, the honeymoon, and many other such expenses. Keeping all of this in mind, do not spend too much on the ring.

Take the opinions of many people

Everyone will have a different opinion. Even though they mean well, you cannot take everyone’s advice while choosing your diamond engagement ring. You will need to choose a design, metal, and diamond yourself for the engagement ring. If you truly want to make a mark, you can get a customized diamond ring made with a design that is unique for you.

What is different in a customized diamond engagement ring?

Here, the jeweler will give you a catalog of designs, metals, and diamonds to choose from. You can mix and match and make a truly unique diamond engagement ring. Custom engagement

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