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For most men, buying a diamond engagement ring is the first (and perhaps only) time they step into a jewelry shop. Most of them do not know anything about jewelry, let alone selecting the right ring. 

The ring is a one-time investment, just like a car or a home, you have to choose one after a lot of thought and careful selection of the right ring. Your engagement ring has to be liked by both you and your spouse, it shouldn’t be too extravagant- your spouse will prefer to wear it daily.

It is natural to feel a little nervous about proposing to your ladylove. The first step towards a memorable surprise proposal is to start the hunt for a unique engagement ring Here are 7 easy steps you can follow to buy an engagement ring that she’ll cherish forever.

Set and Stick to a budget

You shouldn’t invest more than your means for your engagement ring. The whole idea of spending 2 months’ salary on an engagement ring was conceived as a marketing trick by a leading diamond company more than 80 years ago.

Remember, you have many expenses to bear in the future, which include your marriage, honeymoon, buying a home, and so on. It is best to set a budget and stick to it when choosing an engagement ring. In fact, your jeweler would be able to help you choose the right engagement ring in Denver or elsewhere in the US that suits your budget. Even if he does not have a ring that matches your requirements, you can always get a custom-made engagement ring made for this.

Consult jewelers and take second opinions

As this is a big investment, it makes sense to consult more than one jeweler for the best deal. Inquire with other jewelers to know what they have to offer and how you can get the best deal.

Choose the right diamond

The first step towards choosing an engagement ring is to buy a diamond that is within your budget. You can start by choosing a diamond according to its 4C features- each diamond is unique, with its appearance depending on the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight of the diamond.

  • Cut- The way the diamond is cut makes an impression on how well it sparkles. The diamond’s cut is rated on a scale of mediocre to excellent. The diamond’s cut is directly proportional to its ability to refract light efficiently. This depends on how well the diamond is cut for the best sparkle.
  • Color- Though diamonds are available in a variety of colors, colorless diamonds are the most popular. Diamond color is graded on a scale between D to Z with D being most expensive to Z having a yellowish hue. Fancy color diamonds in pink, purple and brown are also popular but are quite rare and expensive.
  • Clarity- Each diamond has some defects, or inclusions as they are called. These can be minute black flecks or lines that form naturally. The lesser the inclusions, the higher the price.
  • Carat Weight- A diamond is weighed in carats, with one carat being equal to 200 milligrams.

Choose the right diamond shape

You should select a diamond’s shape according to your style-

  • Round- A round diamond shape is the most common as it shows its brilliant sparkle.
  • Oval- This suits those women who have long and slender fingers.
  • Emerald- This highlights the diamond’s clarity.
  • Asscher-This is somewhat of a square emerald.
  • Cushion- Similar to Asscher, this has rounded edges.
  • Princess- This unique shape gives the ring a larger appearance.
  • Marquise- A long and tapered diamond shape for those who want to get a lot of compliments.
  • Pear- This is a cross between a round and marquise-shaped diamond.

Choose the right metal for the ring

You have many options when it comes to choosing the right metal for your ring. It can be either in gold, silver, palladium, platinum, and so on. This is based on your budget. Though Gold is the most popular choice, these days silver, rose gold, and platinum engagement rings are also very popular.

Choose a setting style

The design or setting of a ring should reflect your style. You can choose from a solitaire ring to a ring with many smaller diamonds set in its circumference. Your jeweler would be able to help you choose a ring design that suits your requirements and budget.

Determine her ring size

There are many ways to do this. If you are planning a surprise proposal, you can ‘borrow’ one of her rings to determine its size or could get one of her friends to do so. If this is an engagement that is mutually decided, you could take her to your jeweler and ask her to choose a ring as per her choices.

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