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Valuing your jewelry

You may have found a treasure-trove of ornaments in your grandma’s attic which you intend to monetize. It could be worth millions of dollars or nothing, depending on the materials used in it.

Though you can go to a pawn shop or coin shop to sell them, there is no guarantee that you will get good value for money. That is why it is so important to get it appraised by a certified professional. Though he will take a nominal fee, you will get an idea of the worth of the jewelry you intend to sell.

Valuing your jewelry
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When to sell your jewelry

When to sell your jewelry?

The simplest answer- whenever you need to. Though there are some fluctuations in the value of your jewelry, it is one fixed asset that can be monetized whenever necessary.

The main materials in your jewelry- diamond, gold, silver, and other precious stones, provide you inflation-beating returns, the only catch is that it should be pure and not damaged to a point where its value deteriorates. 

Whom to sell your jewelry to?

It is recommended to sell your jewelry in Westminster to a well-respected and certified jeweler. Though coin shops and pawn shops do purchase jewelry, they may not have the expertise to give you the best price you deserve.

At Denver Diamond Source, we carefully examine and appraise each precious ornament that our customers send us to value them at a price that matches the current market prices. We accept all kinds of precious jewelry, from diamond sets to gold rings to silver antique jewelry. Each of these has a value that can help you get good money. If you have anything like this, please visit us.

Whom to sell your jewelry to
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