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Liquidate your diamond jewelry

Your diamond jewelry is an asset that you can liquidate whenever need be. You could sell your jewelry in Denver for funding your kid’s education, paying off debts, paying your husband’s medical bills, and so on. Before selling your jewelry, you should first assess its worth and sell it at the right place to get the best price. This is necessary to ensure you are not taken for a ride or suffer heavy losses when you sell your jewelry.

Liquidate Your Diamond Jewelry
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Do You Want To Sell Your Diamond Jewelry In Denver To A Professional?
What Affects The Value Of Your Diamond Jewelry?

What affects the value of your diamond jewelry?

Condition- If any diamonds have chipped away or if there is any damage to the ornament, this can negatively affect the price. How often the piece has been cleaned or maintained can also make a difference.

Style- It makes a big difference if your jewelry piece is antique or contemporary. This can affect its price. The rarer the design is, the more valuable it probably is. 

Whatever be the condition and style, eventually what matters is its intrinsic value- the purity of the metal and the 4C characteristics of the diamonds.

How to get your diamond jewelry appraised?

If you are looking to sell your diamond jewelry, the first step in the process would be to determine its exact value. This has to be done by a certified appraiser so that you know how much it is actually worth. Do not show up at any random jeweler and expect him to quote a price- you will either be turned away or taken for a ride. A formal appraisal makes sense if you have no other documentation for the jewelry- especially if it is quite old. After the appraisal, you will know how much you can expect from the sale, whether the old jewelry grandma kept in the safe was worth it or not.

How To Get Your Diamond Jewelry Appraised?
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