Sell your diamonds in Denver

If you aim to sell your diamonds in Denver,

there isn’t a better place to do so than Denver Diamond Source.

The ideal time to sell diamonds

The ideal time to sell your diamonds is when you need money. Diamonds’ values do not fluctuate as much as other commodities do, you can get inflation-adjusted returns for your diamonds whenever you need to sell them. This is provided your diamonds are natural and are not cubic zirconia or any other imitations of diamonds. Irrespective of whether your diamonds are in the form of jewelry or loose, what matters are the diamond’s features and their current condition.

Trying to sell your diamonds in Denver?

The best place to do so is Denver Diamond Source


How are diamonds valued?

Each diamond is unique, each one has its own intrinsic value. To value a diamond the Gemological Institute of America uses more than 30 conditions to come toward a precise price for the diamonds. Many of these conditions need advanced experience and skills to spot. Many of them cannot be determined by just viewing them under a microscope or through the naked eye. 

Instead, you should view each diamond according to its 4C characteristics. This includes its cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. These are the main factors looked into to value a diamond. For more details, each manufactured diamond is given a certification from the GIA for easy valuations.

How are diamonds appraised?

If you aim to sell your diamonds in Denver, you have to first get them appraised. This is an estimation of the value of each diamond. An appraisal from a certified professional could help you know how much each of your loose diamonds is worth. The appraisal process is pretty quick, taking a day or two, give or take. The appraisal process is done with a variety of tests, especially to estimate the value of diamonds that could be in your possession for quite some time.

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