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Do you want to sell an engagement ring? Having an expert on your side who can assist you through the process in an understanding and professional way can help alleviate some of the stress associated with selling a precious item. Denver Diamond Source has been purchasing engagement rings, wedding bands, diamonds, and other fine jewelry for many years. 

While most other dealers are short-sighted and merely want to acquire your diamonds for the lowest possible price, we know engagement rings and are certain that we will offer you a gratifying experience to gain your confidence as a lifetime client. Our team is made up of highly educated jewelers and GIA gemologists who have significant experience appraising your engagement ring.

Why sell your Engagement Ring?

Circumstances change, people change, and what was previously right may no longer be so. There are numerous reasons for selling an engagement ring, you may be going through a divorce, she may have said no, or you may have an ancient family treasure that you no longer want or need. Whatever the reason, selling your engagement or wedding ring to a trustworthy diamond buyer might free up funds for other endeavors. Some people even sell the diamond from the setting and use the proceeds to enhance their ring. The possibilities are limitless, but one thing is for certain: selling your engagement ring may be a liberating experience.

Where to sell Engagement Rings?

It might be difficult to find out where to sell engagement rings or the perfect buyer for your engagement ring. With so many possibilities for selling, such as a pawn shop, pawnbroker, eBay, auction houses, craigslist, local jewelers, and more, it might be difficult to choose which is the best place to sell your engagement ring. When selling a costly object such as an engagement ring, it is critical to exercise caution since, while there are several selling venues to choose from, not all will give the same value. 

Selling your ring with Denver Diamond Source is simple, quick, and painless. While we recognize that there are numerous choices for selling, such as a pawn shop, pawnbroker, eBay, auction houses, and so on, we aim to give you a more personal and transparent experience. At Denver Diamond Source, we understand the feelings that come with selling an engagement ring, so we try our best to provide you a wonderful experience of selling your jewelry at the best price.

How to find the right Engagement Ring Buyer?

Finding the perfect buyer for your engagement ring should not be a difficult task after you have decided to sell it. You may avoid the usual pain spots and execute a successful sale by following some easy suggestions:

Honest Price Quotes

Pay attention to the price range that a buyer will offer you; for example, a price range of $2000-$4000 for a GIA-certified stone is far too broad.

Examine Their Communications

Are they easily reachable via phone? It is crucial to engage with a buyer that responds swiftly to phone calls and emails. Check to see whether their communications are professional, kind, and informative.

Physical Address

Does the buyer have a physical address? You might be more confident if you can set up an appointment in addition to selling online.

How to find out the value of an Engagement Ring?

Engagement rings are a surprisingly difficult object to appraise. Diamonds’ value is determined by more than 20 major variables. Denver Diamond Source has world-class diamond grading specialists with extensive industry ties. We will provide the most competitive offer feasible in the context of the market, taking precious metals and side stones into account. 

The value of diamonds is mostly dependent on:


The four C’s in determining value are color grade, clarity grade, cut, and carat weight.

Is the diamond certified?

Some certifications are more trustworthy than others, and this will influence your first estimate. Your stone is more likely to fetch a premium if it is GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certified and has an Excellent Cut Grade.

The diamond's condition

Do you have any chips or abrasions? If this is the case, the pricing will be altered.

Market circumstances

Certain diamond shapes are more popular than others. Are your stone’s dimensions attractive in the market?

Our vast expertise and renowned reputation enable us to give you the most competitive pricing for your engagement ring. When you’re ready to sell, you’ll get paid soon.

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