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What is the best time to sell diamonds?

Diamonds are a commodity whose prices do not fluctuate the way gold or silver does. There isn’t the best time to sell diamonds, you can do so as and when you need to. If you have some diamonds you need to sell, you first have to determine their current value. This is done by a certified appraiser. He will closely examine the diamond and check their GIA/IGI certificates to give you a definite price for your diamonds.
What Is The Best Time To Sell Diamonds?
Sell your diamonds for their true worth
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Sell Your Diamonds For Their True Worth
How Are Diamonds Valued?

How are diamonds valued?

Each diamond has its own intrinsic value as no two diamonds are the same. In fact, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) says that there are more than 30 factors that determine the price of a diamond. Many of these factors require the help of experts and special machinery to detect, this is why you need to appraise them before you sell your diamonds in Englewood. If you approach a jeweler just with your loose diamonds without doing any homework, there are chances you will be cheated or turned away if you put forth an unreasonable price.

Where to sell your loose diamonds?

Usually, you can sell your loose diamonds to any pawnshop, coin shop, jeweler, or diamond broker. Do not forget to carry with you each diamond’s GIA/IGI certificates and appraisal reports.
It is recommended to sell diamonds to a certified jeweler or broker with ample knowledge of the diamond industry. He will quote a price that reflects the current market scenario and the various other factors that are taken under consideration while quoting a price for the diamonds.
At Denver Diamond Source, Mr. Bruce Chase, a qualified gemologist with more than 40 years of experience in the field, will help you get the right price for your loose diamonds. He and his team have successfully helped many people get the right price for their valuables.
Where To Sell Your Loose Diamonds?
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