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Congratulations! You’ve found the flattering wedding dress for your big day now it’s time for jewelry. 

Wedding jewelry is as essential as a wedding dress. You need time to go through a whole collection of wedding jewelry in your town to get the ideal one for your wedding day. 

The accessories you will wear with the bridal dress will complete your look. Make sure to select one that complements each other and doesn’t look fussy. 

Do not get afraid of mix-matching your metals. If you went for customizing a diamond engagement ring and a wedding ring that couldn’t match your wedding dress, then it’s okay. Because you are going to wear your rings daily, but not your wedding dress or other accessories. 

These are some questions that might cross your mind before purchasing your wedding jewelry

  • Should you match your wedding jewelry to your bridal dress or go for the contrast thing?
  • Should you go for something simple, or does bridal jewelry need to be jazzy? 
  • What to choose: modern bridal jewelry or vintage jewelry? 

Here are some simple tips to remember before buying wedding jewelry:

Less is more:

The first thing you must understand is that less is more. Don’t take the chance of overdoing it. Your wedding jewelry should not overpower your wedding gown; it should complement the entire appearance of your bridal ensemble. 

Jewelry should not take anyone’s attention from the beauty of your wedding gown. Both the gown and the jewelry must be complementary. It’s up to you to mix everything.

For example, if your gown has an embellished neckline, you won’t want to wear a necklace. It would appear to keep your neckline too busy. Wear an exquisite set of drop earrings instead of a necklace to complete the outfit.

If your bridal dress is simple then make your look complete by adding a statement necklace to it. Keep in mind that it should also flaunt your wedding dress’s fabric. It is not necessary to match everything, it is okay and mesmerizing to use contrast in the right way.

Consider your neckline:

Your neckline will play a key role in deciding what type of necklace you will wear. For gowns with a strapless or sweetheart neckline, a choker or a shorter necklace is preferable.

If your wedding gown has an extensive neckline, chandelier earrings and fresh flowers in your hair are a good choice. Wear a tiny bracelet, bangle, or cocktail ring to complete the outfit and bring everything together. Choker and pendant are appropriate for V-neck wedding gowns. You may wear the necklace with dangling or stud earrings, depending on your preference.

Do not worry about matching your rings perfectly

Because you’ll be wearing your engagement ring and wedding band daily, they should already represent the unique style you’ll want to imitate in the rest of your wedding jewelry. Things don’t have to match precisely, though. 

Metals don’t have to match exactly, either. Just because your engagement ring is platinum doesn’t mean you can’t wear gold on your wedding day or vice versa.

Prioritize your style:

Trends aren’t immune to the wedding industry, and there’s no shame in embracing the ones that genuinely enhance your style. However, don’t go for a style that doesn’t feel right for you simply because it’s trending on social media. As trends come and go, your wedding photographs will become lifetime memories. 

Making selections based on personal style and sentimental reasons is more important. You’ll be able to look back and say, those pieces truly meant something to me rather than I saw someone wearing this on social media, so I wore it, too.


The sorts of jewelry that will look best with your wedding appearance will be influenced by your wedding hairdo. This is particularly true in the case of your earrings.

When it comes to jewelry, up-dos provide you a lot of options. Updos look great with both strong statement earrings and more delicate earrings, such as drop earrings or studs. Hair jewelry, which may add elegance and romanticism to your wedding appearance, works well with up-dos.

If you do decide to wear hair jewelry, think about how it will look with your earrings and necklace. If you choose a bright hairpiece, you may want to keep your earrings and necklace selections more modest to prevent appearing overdone.

Now that you know how to pick wedding jewelry, you may relax a bit more. You’ll have a gorgeous appearance on your big day if you choose the correct necklaces, earrings, and ring set to complement your wedding gown.

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