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Don’t know how to sell your loose diamonds in Westminster?

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Loose Diamonds Westminst

What can you do with your loose diamonds?

Your loose natural diamonds can be a great asset to sell whenever you require cash. Unlike other commodities, each loose diamond has its own intrinsic value. If you intend to hold on to your loose natural diamond investments, you have to store them in a safe place away from dust, moisture, and wind.

What can you do with your loose diamond
Don’t know how to sell your loose diamonds in Westminster?

We’ll help you get the right price for each of them.

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How do I determine the value of my loose diamond

How do I determine the value of my loose diamonds?

Finding out the value of your loose diamonds cannot be done without the help of a certified expert. For this, you will have to take them to a jewelry appraiser who will closely examine each of the diamonds and its related documentation (each diamond’s 4C features of cut, color, clarity, and carat weight certifications, purchase receipts, and other documents) to prepare an appraisal report. Though you will have to pay him a nominal fee, you will know the exact worth of your loose diamonds. This will help you use the appraisal report as a bargaining tool to get the right price.

Where can I sell my loose diamonds?

Though many businesses like pawnshops and coin shops accept loose diamonds, the best price you can get for your natural loose diamonds is at a certified jeweler. Just google terms like ‘Loose diamonds in Westminster’ and you’ll find people who’ll want to buy your diamonds. Remember, do not make a decision in haste. Instead, vet each jeweler before you interact with them- check their reviews, recommendations and speak to their past customers. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Here at Denver Diamond Source, we have helped countless people get the ideal price for their loose diamonds based on their condition. If this is you, do give us a shout.

Where can I sell my loose diamond
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