Loose Diamonds Lakewood

Are you looking to sell loose diamonds in Lakewood? Here at Denver Diamond Source, you are sure to get the best value price.
How Do I Know The Worth Of My Diamonds?

How do I know the worth of my diamonds?

This is subject to two factors- the current market dynamics as well as the certifications of the diamonds. If you want to know how much you can get for your loose diamonds, you need to get them appraised by a certified appraiser. He will examine the diamonds and prepare a report stating their value. This partly depends on the 4C features of the diamond- Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat weight. However, this value may not reflect the exact value you may get for them as this is an intrinsic value.
Looking for the right price for your loose diamonds?
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Looking For The Right Price For Your Loose Diamonds?

Where to sell my diamonds?

If you need to monetize your diamonds, you can sell them to any certified jeweler or diamond broker. Do ensure the jeweler or broker has the necessary degrees and certifications to practice their profession.
Do take with you all the sale receipts and GIA/IGI certifications of the loose diamonds for ease in calculating their value. The jeweler will closely examine the diamonds and quote you a price based on the appraised report and current market scenario.
Where To Sell My Diamonds?
Why Should I Sell My Diamonds To Denver Diamond Source?

Why should I sell my diamonds to Denver Diamond Source?

If you want to sell loose diamonds in Lakewood, there isn’t any better place to sell your diamonds than Denver Diamond Source. Here, under the watchful eye of Mr. Bruce Chase, a jewelry industry veteran, your diamonds will be minutely examined to get you the best value. You can be sure that the value quoted by Denver Diamond Source will be certainly unmatched elsewhere in your vicinity. Denver Diamond Source accepts all kinds of diamonds- round, princess cut, asscher cut, heart cut, oval cut, etc.
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