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How do I sell my loose diamonds?

You have to know the true worth of your diamonds before selling them. First, search for documentation for your diamonds- sales receipts, GIA/IGI certifications, or appraisal reports. Even if you have the certifications and reports, it is recommended you get your diamonds appraised at a certified appraiser. He will examine the diamond closely and check the certifications and give you an appraisal report stating the worth of your diamonds.

How Do I Sell My Loose Diamonds?
Do you want to sell your loose diamonds?

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Do You Want To Sell Your Loose Diamonds?
What To Keep In Mind While Selling Loose Diamonds?

What to keep in mind while selling loose diamonds?

Firstly, you need to know its true worth. Get an appraisal done for this. Who knows, the loose diamonds sitting in your grandpa’s old safe could make you a millionaire? After getting your diamonds appraised, you can take them to a jeweler or diamond broker to know their true worth. Some unscrupulous people may try to pressure you to sell the diamonds at a price they quote, do not fall for such scams. Instead, take your loose diamonds to a certified jeweler who could give you the price based on current market rates and the appraisal report you have.

Where to sell my loose diamonds?

Selling your loose diamonds in Englewood need not be a challenging prospect. Though there are many pawnshops, coin shops, and brokers who will accept these diamonds, it is always better to go to a certified jeweler to sell your loose diamonds. 

At Denver Diamond Source, you are sure to get the right price for your diamonds. Mr. Bruce Chase, an experienced gemologist with over 40 years of industry experience, will quote you a price that is perhaps unmatched elsewhere. He and his team of jewelry experts have helped many people to sell their loose diamonds at the right price.

Where To Sell My Loose Diamonds?
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