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Caring for your loose diamonds

As it is rightly said, diamonds are forever. However, its shine can diminish if you do not clean it regularly. For best results, you need to store your natural diamonds in an airtight box or bag away from dirt and wind. It is always recommended to keep your diamonds safe in a bank locker or your own. Also keep each of its documents and receipts safe, as you might need them in the future.

Caring For Your Loose Diamonds
Don’t know where to sell your Loose Diamonds in Commerce City?

Visit Denver Diamond Source.

Don’t Know Where To Sell Your Loose Diamonds In Commerce City?
Selling Your Loose Diamonds

Selling your loose diamonds

If you want to go about selling your Loose Diamonds in Commerce City, you can do so at any pawnshop, coin shop, or certified jeweler. However, it is always recommended to approach a certified jeweler to sell your diamonds.

For this, you will need each diamond’s GIA/IGI certificates and appraisal reports.  

The diamond jeweler will closely examine each diamond, check its certifications, and offer you a price based on the current market conditions and the 4C features of the diamonds.

At Denver Diamond Source, its team, led by Mr. Bruce Chase, uses their collective experience to help everyone get the right price for their diamonds.

Valuing your loose diamonds

Practically no one will buy loose diamonds without an appraisal report. As each diamond is unique, each one has to be appraised by a certified appraiser. Even with an appraisal report, you cannot value a diamond as the current market scenario has to be considered for this.

Nevertheless, you will have to spend a nominal fee to get your diamonds appraised. At Denver Diamond Source, you have everything under one roof- valuation, appraisal, and sale of your loose diamonds. Getting the right value for your precious diamonds is now super easy.

Valuing Your Loose Diamonds
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