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Latest Trends in Diamond Jewellery

Wearing diamonds helps to enhance your beauty wherever you go. In many ways, it makes you the showstopper of any party. With time, diamond jewelry trends keep changing due to updated tastes and advances in technology. 

If you are looking for a diamond ring or just any other kind of diamond jewelry, here are some hot trends you can choose from-

Trends for diamond engagement rings

Many fashion trends have shaped the diamond engagement ring trends. This includes the minimalism concept, vintage-themed rings, three-stone rings, two-stoned rings and sustainable engagement rings.

Ever since Meghan Markle charmed women with her adorable vintage engagement ring, jewelers are getting increasing requests for diamond engagement rings that look a tad different than what usually people wear. Two-stoned and three-stoned rings give a classy and royal feel, while minimalistic rings where the attention is exclusively for the diamond, women can carry an elegant look wherever they go with these rings.

Trends for diamond pendants/ diamond necklaces

When wearing a diamond pendant, women want to highlight what they truly are. Diamond pendants aren’t just about having a locket or diamond attached to a chain of yellow or white gold. It is more about having a simple identity to boast of. With popular demand, you can choose from Y-drop diamond necklaces, Celestial-bodies-inspired necklaces, locket pendant necklaces, toggle necklaces and disc necklaces. If you are donning any of these necklaces or pendants, do ensure you do not wear any other jewelry that might look over-the-top.

Trends for diamond stud earrings

Again, those who dig minimalism can opt for stud earrings, where only the diamond is highlighted. It gives a simplistic and elegant feel. Others can opt for Circle earrings that have some amount of detailing on them- some of them have a central diamond surrounded by smaller ones. These look perfect for any formal event. The difference between diamond earrings and diamond studs is blurred with simple diamond drop earrings. These look like miniature earrings that give a beautiful look to any outfit. The best are fancy-shaped diamond studs which give an amazing look to any woman’s couture.

Design trends

Diamond with pearls

Jewellery with diamonds and pearls has been around for ages. Many Hollywood celebrities have donned such jewelry, mixing and matching it with contemporary designs. Even influential fashion magazines have promoted this trend. Many jewelry designers use the diamond with pearl combination to create modern designs that resonate with today’s generations’ demands.

Gender-neutral designs

Based on popular demand, many jewelry designers are promoting the use of gender-neutral diamond jewelry designs. These designs are generally used in wedding bands, rings and ear studs. Usually, these designs are made for couples- where the same designs represent eternal love and commitment. Many couples are opting for diamond-encrusted gender-neutral wedding bands to signal their commitment. This is a trend that is fairly new but gaining popularity day by day.

Bigger hoops

Big hoops have been a fashion trend that has stood the test of time. Hoops have been used on many casual and formal occasions. Diamonds hoops, however, are some of the best you can find. These not only give a great look at any occasion but also highlight your personality there. No wonder, many celebrities have embraced these hoops and given them an exclusive twist.

Latest trendy diamond cuts

Round cut

Arguably the most famous cut, round cut diamonds are known for their fifty-seven perfectly symmetrical elements. Whenever light passes through these diamonds, it gives an amazing glow like none other. In fact, a round cut diamond would look great in any setting- be it a ring, a stud, or a pendant.

Marquise cut

Also called boat-shaped, eye-shaped or football-shaped diamonds, these unique diamonds look great in studs and earrings. Though not traditionally used in engagement rings, these diamonds have now found a place in various kinds of rings, especially for those women who want to stand out from the crowd.

Princess cut

These diamonds are known to give you a ‘royal’ look. These square-looking diamonds are second in popularity only to round diamonds. They have a gorgeous sparkle, especially at the edges making them popular for about 30% of all engagement rings.

Asscher diamond

Sometimes mistaken for an emerald cut diamond, Asscher diamonds were first created by a stone shaper named Joseph Asscher in 1902. These diamonds have a small table and a high crown. Due to the way it is cut, these diamonds mirror light better than others. These are quite rare but are gaining popularity for their amazing shine.

Summing it up

Being a woman’s best friend isn’t enough. Today’s women want rings, necklaces and other jewelry that shines and gives a unique look. Fancy cut diamonds are also seeing increasing popularity, with many women wearing them with grace. At Denver Diamond Source, our expert team lead by Mr. Bruce Chase helps you choose the right diamond jewelry based on your requirements.

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