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What are lab-grown diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are nature-identical diamonds manufactured in a lab setting. These diamonds are indistinguishable from natural diamonds to the naked eye but are real diamonds as they are manufactured mimicking the way natural diamonds form.

Lab-grown diamonds take a few weeks to make, while natural diamonds were formed in the Earth’s crust millions of years ago. In fact, lab-grown diamonds come without inclusions and impurities, which are typical for natural mined diamonds.

What are lab-grown diamonds
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Can’t find a place that sells the right Lab Grown
Why choose lab-grown diamonds

Why choose lab-grown diamonds?

One factor- cost. Lab-grown diamonds are almost 40 percent cheaper than mined natural diamonds.

No wonder many jewelers use this to their advantage by using lab-grown diamonds whenever needed. Mined diamonds are not only expensive, they can be quite controversial.

There is the case of “blood diamonds” in Africa where diamonds are illegally mined using child and bonded labor. Also, mining diamonds is harmful to the environment, they require a lot of resources to mine, whereas lab-grown diamonds are efficiently produced with the right resources.

Where to buy lab-grown diamonds?

If you are looking to buy Lab Grown Diamonds in Glendale, you need not look any further than Denver Diamond Source. Here, we have a wide collection of lab-grown diamonds in all shapes and sizes- round, heart-shaped, cushion-shaped, Oval shaped and so on.

We have had many people from across Denver and surrounding areas visit us to buy these diamonds; we would do the same for you too. Usually, we get most requests for round diamonds, while other ‘fancy cut’ diamonds also have a dedicated fan following. If you want the right diamonds, Denver Diamond Source is the place to be.

Where to buy lab-grown diamonds
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