Lab Grown Diamonds Cherry Hills Village

Now all sparkling diamond ornaments are within reach.
Buy affordable lab grown diamonds in Cherry Hills Village only from Denver Diamond Source.

What are lab-grown diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds manufactured in a lab setting. We are not talking about cubic zirconia or other cheaper imitations of diamonds, these are real diamonds that sparkle just the way they are supposed to. In fact, it is impossible to distinguish between natural and lab-grown diamonds without the services of an expert using high-end machinery.
What Are Lab-Grown Diamonds?
Get the same sparkle within your budget.
Buy Lab grown diamonds in Cherry Hills Village only from Denver Diamond Source.
Get The Same Sparkle Within Your Budget.
Why Choose Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Why choose lab-grown diamonds?

Many consider lab-grown diamonds to be artificial or an imitation of diamonds. However, this is not the case. Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds manufactured mimicking the way they are formed naturally. The biggest USP of these diamonds is that they are almost 40 percent cheaper than natural mined diamonds.
Here at Denver Diamond Source, we recommend lab grown diamonds in Cherry Hills Village to people who have tighter budgets. As these are real diamonds, they look and refract light in the exact same way as natural diamonds.

Why are natural diamonds sometimes controversial?

Mining natural diamonds uses a lot of fossil fuels and resources. In Africa, there is the problem of ‘blood diamonds’- illegally mined diamonds using child and bonded labor. To stop this practice, each diamond sold has to come with a certificate confirming it hasn’t been illegally mined.
The quality of each mined diamond varies greatly- some come with a yellowish tinge and blemishes within it while others are too small to be held with. For this very reason, each diamond is valued based on the 4C’s of diamond quality- Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight. Natural diamonds need to be polished and cut, which is quite a lengthy manufacturing process. Lab-grown diamonds, on the other hand, only need to be cut in the desired shape.
Why Are Natural Diamonds Sometimes Controversial?
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