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After a tiring day, most of us instinctively keep our jewelry on the nightstand, waiting for another time to keep it safe. Many don’t realize that you need to take proper care of your jewelry at all times, keeping and cleaning it correctly whenever you use it. This is to ensure it lasts long and is safe from thieves, dust, moisture, or harmful chemicals.
From the time you buy your set of diamond earrings from the diamond store till you pass it on to your daughter, you cannot just use it, store it, forget about it and retrieve it when necessary. Like all other precious items, your jewelry also needs its share of care from you.

Taking care of your jewelry- A beginner’s guide

You wear your jewelry to show others your personal style. Your earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets are useless if you don’t wear them. But this also means you have to care for them just as well. Here are some simple tips you can follow-
Ensure it is dry – When your jewelry comes in contact with moisture, it can lead to ugly stains and a lack of shine.
Ensure it is away from chemicals – Ensure it is away from chemicals- This may seem obvious; we are talking about cosmetics here. When applying such lotions or creams, do ensure it doesn’t come in contact with your jewelry.
Don’t use one ornament for too long – Don’t use one ornament for too long- Except for your engagement ring, ensure you use your earrings, necklaces, and bracelets when you need to. After all, they help you present a pretty picture.
Wear it last – Wear it last- To ensure it doesn’t entangle or come in contact with cosmetics, wear it last and take it off first.
Don’t wear it everywhere – Don’t wear it everywhere- You know that you can’t wear your jewelry to sleep. You also should not wear your jewelry while swimming, bathing, playing a sport, or traveling. You wouldn’t want to lose or damage your jewelry, would you?

Storing your jewelry the right way

Once you come home after a late-night party, the first thing in mind is to change and sleep. However, you should ensure your jewelry is kept safe and secure for next time use. As most of your jewelry is to be kept in storage for most of the time, you have to store it correctly to ensure it looks as beautiful as ever.
Wipe off before storing – Wipe off before storing- Just as you wipe off your phone and other surfaces exposed to the elements of nature, your jewelry can also accumulate dirt, grime, and moisture. You should always wipe it before you keep it in storage.
Keep away from wood – Keep away from wood- Wood has chemicals that can tarnish the shine of your jewelry. It is best to keep it away from wood as much as possible.
Keep it airtight – Keep it airtight- This ensures the ornament isn’t exposed to the dust and moisture that can spoil its beauty. Also, add some chalk or silica gel packets to absorb moisture in the airtight container.
Store different ornaments separately – Store different ornaments separately- Do not keep your earrings, necklaces, rings, and other ornaments together. The resultant scratches and tangling can tarnish them.
Travel with a jewelry case – Travel with a jewelry case- When traveling, do ensure you place your jewelry in a secure jewelry case to restrict chances of theft. There was a man from New York who lost his engagement ring in Denver when someone broke into his hotel room there. It can be a great inconvenience to search for your ring if it is misplaced or stolen. Some hotels even provide you with a portable safe to keep your jewelry during your stay.

Consult a professional jeweler when-

Your ornament shine has diminished due to hard-to-reach dust – Your ornament shine has diminished due to hard-to-reach dust- If all your attempts at cleaning the stubborn stains on hard-to-reach parts of the ornament fails, it makes perfect sense to consult a professional in this regard. Though he may take a day or two, the resultant shine would make it look like new.
Gemstones are getting loose – Gemstones are getting loose- Sometimes, with use, some of the diamonds or other gemstones might get loose. Do not try to set them back in place yourself, this could ruin the jewelry forever. Only an experienced jeweler would be able to restore it to its former glory.
Scratches have formed on it – Scratches have formed on it- If there are faint traces of scratches on it, take your ornament to a jeweler who would make it as good as new again. Do not try to DIY with things you have at home, this could result in disastrous consequences.
Some parts have broken – Some parts have broken- No matter whether you have a small pair of earrings or a regal necklace, there could be times when some parts may break due to prolonged use. Only a professional jeweler would be able to fix it to look as good as new.
Summing It Up
Any reputed jeweler worth his salt would always give you the right advice on how to take care of your jewelry. Whether you are buying a ring from any jewelers in Denver or anywhere else across the country, do ensure you take good care of it so that you do not need to spend later on its upkeep. As it is said, a stitch in time saves nine.
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