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How to Match an Engagement Ring and a Wedding Ring_

How to Match an Engagement Ring and a Wedding Ring?

Your partner proposed to you in the sweetest manner possible; you will always remember that day whenever you see your engagement ring. Though some people wear their engagement rings only for special occasions, many others love to flaunt their commitment status wherever they go. If you prefer the latter, you will need to match your engagement ring with your wedding ring.

Both of you have finalized your wedding date. Slowly and surely, preparations are going on smoothly. Then comes the decision most women find challenging to answer- how to match your engagement ring with your wedding ring? 

As this is perhaps the first purchase you and your fiancé make together, you have to invest in a diamond ring that not only symbolizes the love and commitment between both of you but also matches the color and design of your engagement ring.

Here are things you should consider before buying a wedding band (ring)

Choosing the metal

It is not necessary to get a wedding ring made of the same metal as the engagement ring. The only thing that matters is how well the wedding ring’s metal goes with the engagement ring’s metal. For example, rose gold and white gold go well together. Usually, most couples choose the same metal that was used in the engagement ring.

This helps give the ring a charming and well-coordinated look. When both the rings are in the same metal, you have a lot of room to experiment. In fact, some couples add anniversary rings every year to cement their relationship.

The ring’s width

 As a rule of thumb, both the engagement ring and wedding band should be of the same width. This gives a symmetrical and identical appearance to both.

However, this is easier said than done. Many engagement rings are not made symmetrical. They are wide at the front and taper towards the back. Many designs have an asymmetrical yet three-dimensional design.

In such a case, you can choose a wedding ring that has the same width as the sides of the engagement ring.

The ring’s shank

If you are choosing a wedding band from a collection, the best way to choose one that goes with your engagement ring is by looking at its shank. This base should match its wedding band counterpart. For example, if your engagement ring has diamonds throughout the shank, you can choose a wedding band that completes the look. If you want a simple wedding band to pair with your minimalistic wedding ring, you can choose one that matches the shank or is narrower against your engagement ring.

If the variety of options available confuse you, you can always ask your jeweler to help you choose a design that matches the engagement ring. In fact, most jewelers will help you custom design a wedding band pair that not only matches your requirements but also enhance the beauty of the engagement ring.

Here are some popular wedding ring styles that you can consider-

Platinum or Gold wedding band

The most preferable wedding band style, these go well with engagement rings made in Gold or Platinum. These wedding bands help put the ring’s emphasis on the ring’s center while looking amazing in the process. These rings, with any kind of design or embellishment, can look amazing when paired with a similar metal-based engagement ring.

Diamond rings

Diamond wedding bands can go with practically any kind of engagement ring. it does not matter if the diamond wedding ring has a single diamond or diamonds across its circumference. What matters is the design of both the diamond engagement ring and the diamond wedding band should match.

Stackable rings

Wearing more than one ring on your finger can look stylish, if done correctly. If your engagement ring is of regular width, you and your fiancé can choose a slim set of wedding rings for the best effect. This not only complements the look of the engagement ring but also lets you carve out a distinct fashion identity for yourself.

Consult your jeweler for best results

Buying an engagement ring/band should be done well in advance of your wedding date. Consult a jeweler who will help you choose one or make you a customized one that suits your requirements. Do not go overboard with the design, choose one that suits your budget. Remember, you have many wedding-related expenses to look into in the future.

Here at Denver Diamond Source, we have helped many couples choose the right diamond wedding band based on their budgets. To bring things within budgets, we suggest they opt for lab-grown diamonds or plated wedding bands. This is a great way to save money yet give your wedding rings a glam look.

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