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After being in a relationship for a set amount of time, you have finally decided to take things further. You plan an elaborate proposal for her, one that she will cherish for a lifetime. This planning will also include the star of the moment- your custom engagement ring. 

When you start thinking about the custom diamond engagement ring, you may have many questions you do not have an answer for-

Will she like the engagement ring I chose?

How do I make the ring special enough?

How do I ask for her ring size?

How to choose the right design?

We can understand, even though you might be clueless, doing a few simple things can help you sail through the process and make her feel special with her ring.

Understand your better half’s choices

First and foremost, you will need to understand her choices in custom jewelry. To do so, you have to act a little sneaky and find out her choice of custom design jewelry. You could make up a story where your friend used his choice of engagement ring and how his better half had him replace it. Another way could be to ask one of her friends her choice of rings. Whatever you do, get to know your better half better to choose the right engagement ring.

Determine your budget

If you are planning to propose, do keep in mind the other expenses that will follow- your honeymoon, marriage, home, and many others. Keep a realistic budget and stick to it. Be frank with your jeweler about your budget so that he can help you choose the right diamond, metal, and design. 

Know the latest trends

Your woman would love it if you took your time in choosing the right ring based on current market trends. You could simply ask your jeweler the latest in designer jewelry and if you could integrate it into your engagement ring design. You could choose from a variety of vintage rings, Halo rings, and mixed metal rings. Do check out the latest designs on Instagram and Pinterest too, there you’ll get to know a lot about the latest trendy rings.

Consider her skin-type

Does she have any skin allergies? Some people may be allergic to mixed-metal rings. If this is the case, you can go for premium quality metal.

How to design your custom engagement ring?

Even if it is the first time you have stepped into the jewelry store, choosing a design that will impress her is not rocket science. The only thing is, you should take along your mom, sister, or friend to help you out. Your jeweler too will help you make a decision. For a unique and special engagement ring, here are some design ideas you can choose from-

Add colored gemstones

A little dash of color looks best to make the right impression. Colored gemstones help add a regal look to any attire. Though gemstones come in various colors- blue, red, and green gemstones are the most popular. 

Engagement rings with colored gemstones can be quite rare, if you really want one, your jeweler can help.

Get a vintage designer engagement ring

A vintage diamond engagement ring can give a royal look. Though the diamonds in these vintage-inspired designs can look different, this is because of the unique designs and craftsmanship needed to make such rings.

Ask your jeweler to show you some vintage-inspired designer engagement ring designs. Based on your choices, you can choose a design that is a little ‘retro’ yet modern.

Add a unique shaped diamond

Those who desire something unique can opt for unique-shaped diamonds. These are specially cut diamonds in unconventional shapes like heart, cushion, princess, etc. along with a complimentary design that can look amazing on anyone. Sometimes, smaller diamonds are embedded around the main diamond for a pretty look. Ask your jeweler to show you unique shape diamond options for an amazing look.

Use bigger diamonds

If you have the budget, you could use bigger diamonds to enhance the look and get you brownie points. You could ask your jeweler how much the ring would cost if he used a bigger diamond than what is normally used. The bigger diamond will need a wider band and design. Ask for some examples if you want to use bigger diamonds.

Personalize with a symbolic detail

A great way to get a personalized diamond engagement ring made is to add something that matters to you both on the ring. You could etch her name on the ring, add a love knot or any symbol that signifies your relationship. Consult with your jeweler to see what is possible with customizing your engagement ring.

A last few words

It is better to spend a few bucks more on a customized ring to make an impact if you have the time and resources to do so. There are innumerable things you can do with your ring, a little consultation and time invested in making the ring can make a lot of difference to your relationship.

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