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Selecting an engagement ring

For most of you, selecting an engagement ring is the only time you will step into a jeweler shop. How you select your engagement ring depends on the time you have at hand. If you aim to pop the question as soon as possible, you can select from our collection of the latest diamond engagement ring designs. If you want to take your time, you can opt for a custom-made diamond engagement ring.

Selecting an engagement ri
Get assistance in choosing the right diamond engagement ring in Westminster.

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Get assistance in choosing the right diamond
How to know her preferenc

How to know her preferences

This can be tricky. There are many ways you can know about her preferences without letting her know your intentions. You could make up a story about how your friend had to exchange a ring as his girlfriend did not like the design he chose. You could also ask her friends to find out her preferences and help you choose a ring according to it. Whatever happens, do not decide in haste, and take someone along when you want to invest in an engagement ring for her.

Where to buy your engagement ring?

To ensure you aren’t cheated, always buy your engagement ring in Westminster from a certified jeweler. At Denver Diamond Source, we help you select the right diamond engagement ring according to your choices. You state your budget to us, we’ll help you select (or design) a ring that suits your requirements. We have done the same for many of our clients across Westminster. Our team, led by master gemologist Mr. Bruce Chase, knows what is ideal for you based on your requirements. Here, we help you choose from diamond rings of various shapes and sizes that will surely remind her of you always.

Where to buy your engagement ring
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