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Buying a diamond engagement ring

This is the first (and perhaps only) time you will enter a jewelry boutique. Most men are clueless when they first come to buy a diamond engagement ring in Greenwood Village. Most men do not know what to expect, they come just to inquire. This is when you need help. An ethical jeweler will explain the whole process, from placing the order to collecting the ring and also the options available to him.

Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring
Need help choosing the right engagement ring for her?

We’ll simplify the process here at Denver Diamond Source.

Need Help Choosing The Right Engagement Ring For Her?
Options Available To You

Options available to you

An engagement ring can be bought either off-the-shelf or by getting one made as per requirement. If you want to propose right away, the former option is ideal. Getting an engagement ring custom-made makes sense when time is on your side. 

Cost-wise, a custom-made engagement ring can be more affordable than an off-the-shelf engagement ring. Here, you have the option to choose the metal and diamonds that go in the ring, but you have to give your jeweler time to get the ring made.

Choosing the right engagement ring

Here comes the hard part, choosing the engagement ring that matches your better half’s choices. You have to act sneaky here- ask her friends to give you an idea of her choices. If that doesn’t work, ‘borrow’ one of her rings and take it to the jewelers for inspiration. 

Give your jeweler your budget and the design you would like to use (Take your sister, mother, or friend to help you with that). Based on this, you can buy your diamond for the ring. The jeweler would need some time to get the ring made, usually a month or so. Remember, do not go overboard with the ring, you will have many expenses to pay in the future.

Choosing The Right Engagement Ring
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