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Engagement Bands for women

An engagement ring signifies the unbreakable bond between husband and wife. It is a symbol that a couple is committed to get married sometime in the future. This is something every committed man looks forward to. 

What many men do not realize is that they need to buy not only an engagement ring but also an engagement ring band that you have to present to your wife during the marriage ceremony.

The engagement band is perhaps the first big investment that is bought together by the couple. Many women tend to prefer one that matches the design of the engagement ring so that it can be worn on the same finger.

Don’t worry, men, the engagement bands for women need not be prohibitively expensive. You can choose one based on a variety of factors-


Firstly, visit a jeweler with your better half to zero in on the design needed for the engagement band. As she will be wearing the band along with her engagement ring, she needs to ensure that its design complements that of the engagement ring.

The 4 Cs

Each diamond’s price is determined by the 4C’s- Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat. The diamond that you’ll need for the engagement band depends on its design. Ask your jeweler which kind of diamond would be best suitable- you can always cut corners when it comes to choosing a diamond that’s ideal for the engagement band.

The metal

There are many options you have while choosing the metal for the ring. If you want to go traditional, you can choose gold rings which are 18, 14 or 9 carats pure- extremely pure gold is quite soft, it cannot be used for gold jewelry. You could also go for platinum or white gold. Jewelers generally recommend this for a classy and royal look. Another option could be silver, which has to have a purity value of 92.5% or above. This is because lower purity silver is less durable and may not be worth the investment.

For the adventurous lot, you can also opt for titanium- lighter than platinum, stronger than gold and offering greater durability than silver, this is a metal that is sure to get loads of appreciation from your better half.


It is always a wise decision to share your budget with your better half and your jeweler. Based on this, they can figure out which designs using ideal metals and diamonds would be perfect for the engagement band.

As this band is to be worn every day, it makes sense to get a design that isn’t too fancy or over-the-top.

Delivery date

For timely delivery, it makes sense to choose your design and diamond at least 2 months before your scheduled marriage/engagement to ensure it is ready by then. You wouldn’t want to have nasty surprises at the last moment, would you?

Here at Denver Diamond Source, our expert team under the able leadership of Mr. Bruce Chase helps every couple select the right diamond engagement band based on their requirements. They ensure that the diamond engagement band lasts for a lifetime. They ensure it will remain a symbol of undying love and commitment between the couple.

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