Diamond pendants Englewood

Gift yourself an amazing diamond pendant. Choose from a large
collection of diamond pendants in Englewood at Denver Diamond Source.


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Look one-of-a-kind with Denver Diamond Source’s exhaustive collection of diamond pendants. Conceptualized by renowned designers, these pendants are to become an important part of your wardrobe.

How a diamond pendant can enhance your look

A diamond pendant is eternal and versatile. No matter how old you may be, they will never go out of fashion. There are so many different ways you can wear a pendant- with a casual tank top and jeans, with a formal.
It isn’t necessary to wear a diamond pendant with a gold chain, you can wear one even with a ribbon. The sparkle of the diamond is what people will be drawn to, highlighting your outfit in the best way possible.
Enhance your wardrobe with a diamond pendant
A pendant can add a bit of glitter to any outfit. Get yourself a diamond pendant that can help you shine at any event you attend.

How to style a diamond pendant

Minimalism is IN – A diamond pendant’s sparkle can give you the attention you desire. If you are attending a party, a diamond pendant is all that you need with your ensemble for making a great impression

Wear it with the right neckline – A diamond pendant can look awesome with any type of neckline. Ensure you do not over-accessorize with other glittering chains as this could spoil the look. A diamond pendant can look stunning with v-necks, scoop necks, off-the-shoulder tops, and strapless tops.

Layer them up – Sometimes a little extra layering can work wonders. You can add layered necklaces or a simple pair of diamond studs with your pendant to give a pretty look. Layering your accessories can complement your personal style.

Style it well – A diamond pendant isn’t only about round diamonds, there are so many types of fancy cut diamonds in various styles you can choose from. If needed, you can get a pendant designed especially for you for an amazing look.

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