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Why do a Jewelry appraisal?

A jewelry appraisal or jewelry valuation is done to know the current value of any particular piece of valuable jewelry, including diamonds. This could be done for various purposes, including its sale, insurance, and estate planning. Jewelry appraisals are done for almost all kinds of jewelry including jewelry consisting of diamonds, other precious stones, and metals. The appraisal consists of details like the estimated diamond weight (in carats), color, clarity, and cut (the 4Cs of measuring a diamond’s value), the metal used, its purity, and its weight.

3 Things you need to know before selling your jewelry.

It’s a simple process-

A jewelry appraisal only values the worth of the jewelry - whether it's a diamond or any other gemstone. You should not see it as an intimidating or overwhelming process. The report is made for you and you alone. The appraiser is legally bound to ensure that the report reaches you alone. He is also legally bound to ensure complete security for your precious belongings.

Three different types of appraisals

If you want a jewelry appraisal for insurance purposes, you have to get a replacement value appraisal done. This shows you the cost of replacing the jewelry in case anything happens to it. For selling purposes, a fair market value appraisal is done. It estimates the value of the jewelry based on its condition. The amount will be lesser than a replacement value appraisal. In the case you need to liquidate the jewelry due to divorce or estate liquidation, a special liquidation appraisal is done. .

Credentials of the appraiser

An authentic jewelry appraisal can only be done by a certified appraiser. Besides having experience in the field, he has to be a Graduate Gemologist(GG) along with being a member of recognized organizations like the ASA (American Society of Appraisers) or the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers(NAJA).

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