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A Complete Guide To Birthstone Jewelry

A Complete Guide To Birthstone Jewelry

Wearing jewelry that represents your birth month has been a tradition since ancient times. Cultures around the world have different beliefs when it comes to birthstones-each birthstone is associated with certain personality traits. Birthstones are especially popular in Hindu and Jewish cultures, where many people wear birthstone jewelry for good luck and other virtues.

Here are some facts that you should know about your birthstone-

January- Garnet


Though Garnet comes in a variety of colors, dark red is the one that is most popular as a birthstone. People believe that Garnet stones help in purifying the blood, heal wounds and stimulate metabolism. Garnet stones were worn by warriors as a talisman for protection. Besides red, garnets also come in green, orange, or pink. Due to its similarity to Rubies, Garnets are often confused for them, although they are lighter on the pocket and have a more reddish hue.

February- Amethyst


Amethysts come in colors ranging from lilac to reddish-purple. These stones are hard and scratch-resistant. Purple Amethysts are believed to heal our body by enhancing the immune system, promoting calm, and regulating hormones. Many people prefer wearing this stone with diamonds to protect themselves from harm. It is believed these stones help control addiction. Amethysts were once considered rare and expensive. This all changed when large deposits were found in Africa and South America.

March- Aquamarine


Named for its blue-green color, Aquamarine is believed to heal allergies, respiratory problems, and sinus conditions. Its water-like color gives it the moniker of a ‘cooling gem’. These birthstones were worn by sailors to protect their ships in stormy weather. Known to boost meditation and spirituality, Aquamarine stones provide a sense of tranquility and calm.

April- Diamond


Those who were born in April are quite lucky, they have the diamond as their birthstone. Known to be the hardest material on Earth, no other precious stone gives that amount of luster and sparkle that diamonds do. They signify commitment, love, purity, and strength. It was during the Renaissance that diamonds were first used in engagement rings.

May- Emerald


Emeralds come from the Beryl family of gemstones. They are symbols of hope, love, and domestic happiness. Due to their green color, Emeralds are associated with Spring and have the power to ensure tranquility, renewal, peace, and growth. You have to take special care of your emerald jewelry as they are susceptible to chipping.

June- Alexandrite


Also called ‘Emeralds by day, Ruby by night’ these stones are quite rare. There are much lower quality Alexandrite stones available that ‘bleed’ colors, where two colors are seen together in the stone. These stones were named after Russian Tzar Alexander II and were found in Russia’s Ural mountains. These days, Alexandrite gemstones are found in eastern Africa, Sri Lanka, and Brazil.

July- Ruby


Its rich red color comes from the element chromium, helping the stone to glow from within. This gives it the moniker ‘pigeon’s blood’. Rubies are believed to boost energy, promote courage and bring the wearer success in love, life, battle, and wealth. Ancient belief suggested rubies could cure inflammation, soothe anger, and predict danger. Most rubies come from Vietnam and Burma (Myanmar).

August- Peridot


Also called Olivine, this is one of the few gemstones that come in a single color- green. Though not that well known, Peridot is known to help the wearer overcome anger, jealousy, depression, or anxiety. This gemstone is known to go well with pearls. These gemstones are found in Myanmar, Pakistan, China, the US, and various parts of Africa.

September- Sapphire


Sapphires generally come in a variety of colors including white, gray, blue, green, yellow, brown, etc. However, the most sought-after sapphires come in blue. Over the years, sapphires have symbolized faithfulness, nobility, truth, and sincerity. People believe that these gemstones have healing powers- especially for diseases of the eyes and skin. Many cultures also prescribed wearing sapphire-based jewelry as an antidote to poison. Sapphires are found in India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, the USA, and Cambodia.

October- Opal


Derived from the Greek word ‘Opallios’ meaning change of color, Opal is a stone that gives a colorful shine, unlike any other gemstone. Opals score 5.5 to 6.5 on Moh’s scale of hardness- they need proper care to ensure there is no chance of chipping. Opal stones are believed to be a symbol of hope, truth, and purity. Ancient Greeks even used Opal to protect one from disease. Though these stones are found all across the world, the biggest source is in Australia.

November- Citrine


Named after the French word for lemon, Citrine is a rare stone that comes in various colors. The most preferred Citrine stone color is golden-yellow. This gemstone is associated with vitality, generosity, and happiness. It is also believed to bring harmony and balance to those prone to restlessness and impatience. Citrine is believed to attract fortune and wealth. These gemstones are found in parts of Africa, Brazil, France, and the US.

December- Zircon


Not to be confused with cubic zirconia, a man-made imitation of diamonds, zircon gemstones come in various colors, including colorless, making people mistake them for real diamonds. Zircon scores 6.5 to 7.5 on the Moh’s scale of hardness, making them prone to chipping if not taken care of. These gemstones are found in Australia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka. Zircon deposits are generally found close to sapphire deposits.

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