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Weddings may have hit a bump in 2019-20, but 2021 is different. The slowed-down engagements are a thing of the past as people are getting used to the new norm of social distancing and masks. Let us celebrate this year with the most beautiful and unique diamond jewelry trends.

Trends in diamond earrings for 2021

Trends In Diamond Earrings For 2021

1. Diamond Hoops

The red carpet has been flooded with diamond hoops and chandeliers. The diamond hoops are designed to reflect the light and shine all over. The specialty of hoops is that you can style them for any occasion. From red carpets to parties, from casual dinner dates to formal office wear, the hoops are a quintessential part of every woman’s jewelry collection.

2. Diamond Studs

While the hoop is dominating the events, the diamond studs are not far behind. Graceful and elegant, the studs with large diamonds on them are amazing when you pair them with gowns or office wear.Walk into your local jewelry store and ask for the latest pair of diamond earrings in Denver. You will be amazed by how much the hoops and studs are in vogue this 2021!

Trends in diamond pendants for 2021

Trends In Diamond Earrings For 2021

3. Disc pendants

The diamond-encrusted disc pendants are a rage in 2021. These look like medallions and are perfect for layering.

4. Lockets

The locket diamond pendant has been around for centuries, but they have a modern flair and timeless appeal. You can choose to have photos of your dear ones near you all the time.

5. Celestial-inspired pendants

The diamond pendants inspired by the sun, moon, and stars instantly transport you to a starry world filled with happiness and smiles.For a wide appealing collection of Diamond Pendants In Denver, visit your local jewelry store, and we are sure you will buy one instantly.

Trends in diamond necklaces for 2021

Trends In Diamond Earrings For 2021

6. Y Drop diamond necklace

This diamond necklace comes in various lengths and dips beautifully over the neckline. Team it with a V-deep neckline dress, and you are all set to rock the date.

7. Link necklace

The diamond-encrusted link necklace has been in trend for the entire season of 2021. These are worn in layers from ramps to events. They add an urban sophistication to your attire.

8. Pearl & diamond necklace

2021 pays an ode to the majestic pearl combined with diamond-encrusted beads. The pearl drop in the necklace has its set of fans. This classic is not losing its charm anytime soon.

9. Diamond station necklace

The station necklaces can be worn around the neck several times in layers. Otherwise, it can be worn as a single long chain. The diamond station necklace sets the tone for a romantic date with your partner. Well then, wouldn’t you like to buy one?The diamond necklace adds elegance and depth to your neckline. Invest in a fine piece, and you can pass it on as a priceless heirloom.

Trends in diamond engagement rings for 2021

Trends In Diamond Engagement Rings For 2021

10. Elongated fancy shapes

The oval diamond engagement rings in the cushion, radiant, and emerald-cut are gaining popularity. The marquise diamond ring looks bigger than the same carat round ring. Similarly, the teardrop diamond engagement ring is also gaining popularity in 2021.

11. Fancy diamond engagement rings

Quirky diamond engagement rings that follow a trend are seemingly popular with the ladies in 2021. These are customized and have precious colored gemstones set between the diamonds adding color and vibrancy to the ring.

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12. Rare-colored diamond engagement rings

It is time for pink and yellow diamonds! The colored diamonds are replacing the boring white diamonds. The salt and pepper diamond engagement ring is widely sought. Similarly, precious gemstones are also paired with diamonds in a halo setting to highlight the stone.

13. Chevron or V diamond engagement rings

New in fashion, the V-shaped diamond engagement rings are for those who want to be trend-setters. These are aesthetic and add to the appeal of the modern woman.Invest in a good trendy design for your diamond engagement ring and be the cynosure of your partner’s eyes for the rest of your life.

Trends in wedding bands for 2021

Trends In Wedding Bands For 2021

14. Stackable wedding band

Your wedding is nothing but the extension of your engagement. So why not have it symbolized in the rings too? The modern wedding band is in perfect harmony with your engagement ring. Together they complement each other as a stackable.

15. Pave eternity wedding band

The princess cut diamonds are placed beside each other horizontally to form a pave eternity band. This channel setting can be done with round diamonds too.If you are searching for the perfect Wedding Band In Denver, you must first visit your local jewelry store to see the latest trends. If you have any idea in mind, you can also discuss it with the jeweler and have it custom-made for you.

Wrap Up

Some of the trends in diamond jewelry stay on to create classic pieces that are admired forever. Go with your personal preference when selecting any diamond jewelry. After all, love rules the heart, and we would suggest you go with it forever.

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